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Olentangy Athletic Booster Sponsorships

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Supporting the Finest Scholar Athletes in Central Ohio at OLENTANGY HIGH SCHOOL, SHANAHAN & BERKSHIRE MIDDLE SCHOOLS

Olentangy Braves Athletic Boosters 675 Lewis Center Rd., Lewis Center, OH 43035

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2012-13 State Qualifiers – Gymnastics, Wrestling, Girls Swimming, Boys Track & Girls Track

2012 Football won Div.1 playoff game, Boys XC regional team qualifier

2013 OCC Champs – Softball, Girls Lacrosse & Boys Lacrosse

2013 Regional Runner-up – Girls Lacrosse & Boys Lacrosse

2013-14 OCC Champs – Girls Volleyball, Boys Bowling, Girls Bowling, Boys Swimming & Girls Lacrosse

2013-14 State Qualifiers – Gymnastics, Girls Swimming & Diving, Boys Swimming, Wrestling, Girls Track & Girls Lacrosse

2013-14 State Placers – Wrestling, Girls Diving & Girls Track

2014-15 OCC Champs – Girls Soccer, Girls Cross Country, Football, Boys Swimming, Girls Basketball, Boys Bowling, Girls Lacrosse, Baseball

2014-15 Regional Qualifier & Regional Runner-Up – Girls Soccer, Football, Girls Lacrosse

2014-15 State Qualifier – Girls Soccer, Boys Swimming, Wrestling, Boys Tennis, Girls Tennis, Girls Cross Country, Boys Cross Country, Girls Swimming, Gymnastics, Boys Track

2015-16 OCC Champs – Girls Soccer, Football, Girls Volleyball, Girls Basketball, Cheerleading, Baseball

2015-16 Regional Qualifer & Regional Runner-Up – Girls Soccer, Football, Boys Volleyball

2015-16 State Qualifiers & State Placers – Boys Track, Girls Track, Girls Soccer, Girls Tennis, Gymnastics, Girls Swimming, Boys Swimming, Wrestling

2016-17 OCC Champs – Girls Soccer, Gymnastics, Baseball

2016-17 Regional Qualifier – Girls Cross Country, Boys Cross Country

2016-17 Regional Runner Up – Boys Volleyball, Boys Lacrosse

2016-17 State Qualifiers – Girls Golf, Boys Cross Country, Girls Cross Country, Gymnastics, Boys Swimming, Girls Swimming, Girls Bowling, Wrestling, Boys Tennis, Boys Track, Girls Track

2016-17 State Placers – Girls Golf, Gymnastics, Boys Swimming, Boys Track, Girls Track

2018-19 OCC Champs – Girls Soccer, Football, Girls Swimming, Gymnastics, Cheerleading, Boys Tennis, Boys Volleyball

2018-19 Regional Qualifier – Girls Soccer, Boys Cross Country, Girls Lacrosse

2018-19 Regional Runner Up – Girls Lacrosse

2018-19 State Qualifier – Football, Boys Cross Country, Girls Cross Country, Gymnastics, Girls Swimming, Cheerleading, Wrestling, Boys Tennis, Boys Track & Field, Girls Track & Field

2018-19 State Placer – Gymnastics, Girls Swimming, Gymnastics, Girls Track & Field, Cheerleading

2018-19 State Champs – Cheerleading

Support Olentangy Scholar Athletes….Invest in a Winner

Your help is needed in building a winning tradition in Olentangy Athletic programs. With fewer dollars to support extracurricular activities, your membership contribution to the Olentangy Athletic Boosters is a MUST in building a winning tradition. Olentangy tax dollars & participation fees only support supplemental contracts to hire quality coaches and basic travel costs. Equipment, uniforms and other athletic expenses must be generated by ticket sales & the athletic boosters. 100% of your membership dollars go to support Olentangy Braves athletes and go directly to the Athletic Department. Your membership will help support ALL athletes, coaches and trainers.

 All benefits are for the 2019-20 school year & will be available Aug. 1st.

Olentangy Athletic Booster Sponsorship

Thank you for your support.  GO BRAVES!!!