Student Athlete Forms

Olentangy High School has adopted a new electronic version for all athletic participation forms.  This new program will allow parents & athletes to enter all required paperwork online which will stay with the student through their high school career.  If any changes need to made during the high school career they can be completed online and the Athletic Department will always have access to the most current information.

Register your student athlete and complete the necessary forms for athletic participation.

View the instruction manual on how to complete the forms.

(**NOTE:  Parents & students will need to login after July 1st to re-sign all online forms for the next school year.  We MUST clear signatures once a year to ensure that all forms are signed once per year in accordance with guidelines provided by the state**  All parents will need to select their child’s sport(s) for the new year & incoming freshman will need to make sure they select their correct high school)